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Export support in Cheshire and Warrington

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International Trade Advisers work as part of the Department for International Trade. They are experts in exporting and provide professional advice and support. They can support businesses to: obtain deeper insight into new markets, learn how to trade effectively and profitably and overcome any barriers to exporting. The advisers provide a fully-funded export consultancy and link businesses to any additional exporting support and connect them with expertise and contacts in the UK and overseas.

There are three expert International Trade Advisers working for the Department for International Trade across Cheshire and Warrington, meet the team….

Sara Pomfret

Knowing a few words and phrases in your clients’ language can help build rapport, even if you need a translator for more involved communication

Sector Specialisms: Life Sciences, Healthcare, Food and Drink

Country Specialisms: Spanish speaking countries, European Region

International Trade Specialisms: Strategic level export strategy, accessing contacts within British Embassies and Consulates worldwide, routes to market.

Sara Knowles

“Conducting thorough market research and specialist overseas market selection support can help you to avoid costly pitfalls and inform a strategic approach to exporting”

Sector Specialisms: Education and Training, Financial and Professional Services, Manufacturing and Engineering

Country Specialisms: Africa, European Region

International Trade Specialisms: Cross-cultural communication and leadership, selling services internationally, business internationalisation strategy

Veronica Dawson

“If you have enthusiasm and passion and you combine that with excellent customer service you can succeed in exports.”

Sector Specialisms: Infrastructure and Construction, Energy and Nuclear

Country Specialisms: Middle East, North Africa, Asia Pacific Regions

International Trade Specialisms: Export Documentation inc. letters of credit and URC 522, shipping and logistics, agent / distributor agreements.

For support with exporting please contact us or one of the international trade team

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