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Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund: tell us what to support

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Innovate UK, on behalf of UK Research and Innovation, is inviting proposals on the potential future challenges to get support through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

Focus on one of the 4 grand challenges
The aim of this call is to identify the third wave of industry-led challenges in the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, which brings together the UK’s world-leading research with industry to tackle the biggest industrial and societal challenges of our time.

£1 billion has been allocated to the first wave of challenges. A further £725 million has been announced for wave 2, which will run in 2018 and 2019.

UK industry and research can submit proposals aligned clearly with at least one of the 4 grand challenges in government’s Industrial Strategy.

The grand challenges are:

  • artificial intelligence and the data economy
  • clean growth
  • the future of mobility
  • meeting the needs of an ageing society

Expression of interest details
The expression of interest for challenges opens on 28 February 2018, and the deadline is 18 April 2018
consortiums  must be led by a business or industry body. Members can be businesses, academic organisations, public sector bodies, or research and technology organisations
you may submit more than one challenge as long as these are innovative in their own rights and not interdependent.

There will be a briefing event on 14 March 2018
At this stage we are interested in proposals for future challenges only. How funding competitions are run to solve the challenge and what form they take will be decided at a later date. We expect these to run in early 2019 and to start funding successful projects from April 2019

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