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New taskforce to promote Cheshire East’s creative and digital sector

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Cheshire East Council’s Skills and Growth Company has launched a new taskforce to boost the borough’s creative and digital sector.
Weave, an industry-led group, will promote the sector, identify and address skills gaps and work to ensure its businesses continue to flourish.
Cheshire East’s creative cluster comprises 2,000 businesses working in programming, software development, game and app design, website building, advertising and other specialisms, employing around 7,500 people and generating an annual turnover of more than £250m.
Most of the sector’s businesses are small, with around 80% employing fewer than 10 staff. But the borough is also home to a number of large global organisations, including the Warner Bros-owned game developer TT Fusion, based in Wilmslow, and Barclays’ global technology centre in Knutsford.
Denise Proctor, chair of Weave, said: “Our creative businesses have a proven track record of award-winning innovation and regularly top the league tables of the most influential industry-leading expertise.
“Weave will celebrate our strengths, ensure we can both retain and attract skilled staff and be equipped to face the challenges of a rapidly-evolving sector.”
The chairman of the Skills and Growth Company, Cllr George Hayes, commented: “Cheshire East is home to some of the most diverse and dynamic businesses in the county.
“We are delighted to help to raise the profile of our creative and digital sector and celebrate their achievements, whilst securing future growth.” Read more


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