FUSE: 3D CAD & 3D Printing

Event Overview:

Computer Aided Design is playing a significant part in Engineering, enabling engineers to quickly develop and communicate their ideas.
Continual advancement in 3D printing has resulted in as steady reduction in the cost of a 3D printer and the process of 3D modelling has become an affordable option for SME engineering and manufacturing companies.
This course will introduce you to 3D computer aided design software namely Autodesk Inventor, at the same time providing an overview of rapid prototyping.
Using a XYZ Printing 320AXEUOOD da Vinci 2.0A 3D Printer, you will gain an understanding of the design, functioning and operation of a basic 3D Printer.
We will cover how to:
• Develop basic 3D models using an industry standard CAD package (Autodesk Inventor)
• Export the model as a stereo lithography file.
• Import the file into 3D printing software and scale it down to produce a 3D model.
There will be an overview and demonstration of a 3D Printer producing a 3D model.

Funded through the European Social Fund – FUSE project.
Eligibility criteria: attendance is funded for SME companies with a head office based and trading in the Cheshire & Warrington LEP region.

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