Employment Law Seminar – How to Deal with Troublesome Employees

Date & Time: July 21st – 14.00 – 16.30pm

Location: Birchwood Golf Club Kelvin Close Birchwood WA3 7PB

Cost: £10

Event Overview

Handling an employee who isn’t performing as expected, whether it’s issuing formal warnings or even looking at options for dismissal, is always going to be a potentially awkward scenario that, if approached improperly, can harm workforce moral and even damage your corporate image. Now, whilst unfortunately we can’t make these conversations any less awkward on a personal level, what we can do is give you advice and guidance to make sure you’re covered from a legal perspective.

Estimates suggest that prevalent issues such as regular lateness, or persistent unauthorised absences, cost UK companies in excess of billions of pounds per year – but still employers are reluctant or afraid to initiate the proper disciplinary measures for fear of legal ramifications.

Aimed at those very employers, our latest interactive seminar is designed to address this issue, and educate business owners or managers as to how to deal with their troublesome staff efficiently and legally.

Hosted by our Senior Partner, Bobby Ahmed, the business-driven session covers the following broad topics:Read More


Event Organiser

William B Rose Ltd

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