Foundation: Innovation to Commercialisation Workshop

Date and time: 27th June 2018 and 28th June 2018

Location: University of Chester, Thornton Science Park

Cost: None

Event overview:

The aim of the two day Foundation Innovation to Commercialisation Workshop is to provide delegates with the knowledge and confidence to apply a range of innovation tools, concepts and methods within their own businesses. The emphasis is on the rapid initiation of the method and its customisation, based on multifunctional workshop techniques.

Both days are interactive and based on the delivery ethos of a balanced combination of presentations, group activities and discussions.

The two-day course provides a thorough introduction to strategic innovation, guiding delegates through the process of innovation, including ‘hands-on’ activities, during which actual roadmaps are created. Delegates will benefit from additional material and exercises in strategic landscaping, workshop facilitation practices and tools/toolkits.


Building an innovation strategy/roadmap to deliver growth objectives

  • Understand the importance of innovation for sustainable business growth and the different ways a company can innovate.
  • Understand the fundamental aspects for developing an innovation strategy that links customer and market needs with a firm’s core competencies.
  • Hands-on application of the roadmapping technique to help companies formulate an innovation strategy that incorporates customer and market needs, and the firm’s internal capabilities.
  • Understand low-cost ways to carry out market research in order to provide better understanding of market intelligence and customer needs
  • Pitfalls of taking intuitive decisions when information is imperfect
  • What tools are available for prioritising and selecting projects and how to choose the right one.
  • Roles of the following tools; financial assessments, such as net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR); multi-factor scoring tools, value roadmaps and decision trees.
  • Management processes to aid objectivity.
  • How to assemble a portfolio of projects to meet your company’s needs.

Ideation of solutions, development of concepts and building a business case

  • Understand the basic principles of creativity and demonstrate (with hands-on application)
  • How to generate innovation opportunities that address priority customer needs, while they align with a company’s core competencies
  • Hands-on application in building a business case for a selected innovation project
  • Prioritisation and selection of concepts for further investigation
  • Understand the importance of project prioritisation and selection especially for research and/or higher risk projects.
  • Hands-on application of a tool for prioritising and selecting innovation projects.
  • Learn how to select appropriate projects or technologies when uncertainty is high and factual information is scarce.

Managing projects successfully

  • Practical project management process

De-risking the innovation process

  • Hands-on application for designing a stage and gate innovation process, and enhancing project management de-risking techniques.
  • Consider potential uncertainties and risks involved in the innovation process and how they may be managed across the project lifecycle.

Participants will be applying these tools within the context of their own organisations and using their own ideas or teaching examples if confidentiality is an issue. This will ensure that the participants would be able to confidently continue to apply the tools after the completion of the course.


08:30 Arrival and coffee
09:00 Agenda, objective & introductions
09:15 Review of ISAEP Framework and Innovation Assessment Tool
09:45 Ideation methodology
10:15 Break
10:30 Ideation exercise
11.30 Opportunity and feasibility methodology
12:00 Opportunity and feasibility exercise
12.30 Lunch
13.15 Opportunity and feasibility exercise (cont.)
14.00 Making the business case for 1 idea
15.00 Break
15:15 Making the business case for 1 idea (cont.)
16.45 Round up and review of Day 1
17.00 Close

Organiser: University of Chester (I2C: Innovation to Commercialisation)

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