Goal re-setting for your personality

Date & Time: Feb 25th. 9am – 12.15pm

Location: The Lymm Hotel, Lymm, WA13 9AQ

Cost: £10 – £25

Event Overview

Networking and Presentation event, followed by small group practical workshop

It’s February. New Year’s resolutions and goals may have been set or may already have been superseded by workloads. Now is the time to take stock, re-evaluate the goals, but more importantly re-align them realistically with your natural abilities and personality type. We’ve all done goal setting. And many have also done personality profiling to understand how to interact with others and do business using their strengths accordingly. Have you ever put the two together though?  Here, we’ll take you beyond standard planning that involves setting targets, focus sessions, vision boards, and strategising and look at how you set and achieve goals based on personality traits and the profiling theories used in the DISC assessment.

Event Organiser

The Colony Networking Group

Event Booking

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