How to Build a Strong Brand and Add Value

Date & Time: March 9th from 8.30am

Location: University of Chester Thornton Science Park, Pool Lane, Chester CH2 4NU

Cost: FREE

Event Overview

A brand is arguably the most value asset a business has.  Some brands are valued at incredible sums of money.  The Apple brand is thought to be worth $150 billion, a fifth of the company’s total value.

Your brand is the compelling reason why a customer buys your products or services.  Understanding how to build a strong brand and how to add value to that brand will help you remain sustainable and grow.

Protecting your brand makes sense. Insight into the many aspects of trademarks, why and when registration is important, and common pitfalls businesses encounter, will help you understand how to best protect your brand.

Not many businesses will get close to the dizzy heights of Apple. We can however use the same brand principles to strengthen and increase the value of our own brands.

This event will be led by Mike Shaw, a Trade Mark Attorney from Marks and Clerk and Cynara Livera, a marketing strategist from Clearly, Simply Truly Marketing Management.

Event Organiser

University of Chester Thornton Science Park

Event Booking

Thornton Science Park is a secure site.  Registration is essential.  Joining instructions will be sent out prior to the event. Please register your interest here.