MMU SMART Cheshire Innovation Launchpad

SMART Cheshire Innovation Launchpad  

Getting an idea, no matter how great, from concept to market can be challenging.
And that’s where we can help, by supporting you through the innovation process.

An invention is creating something new that the market has not seen before.
An innovation is taking an existing concept or idea and improving it, typically using a stepwise process of developmental stages. This leads to a commercially viable product, service or process.

Our SMART Cheshire programme is for micro and small to medium-sized businesses in Cheshire and Warrington. And, we’ve helped over 60 small and medium businesses (SMEs) develop their ideas through our innovation process.

The SMART Cheshire Innovation Launchpad is an opportunity to develop your creative idea(s) in a safe environment where you’ll be supported and challenged. You’ll explore what innovation could look like for your business and the market.

If you successfully complete the programme, you’ll be invited to join our SMART Cheshire Innovation Challenge – though not everyone will make it through.

The Launchpad is taking place on 15th and 16th January 2020.

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