New Products Development and Innovation: Branding and Marketing

Date and Time: 14th February 2019
Location: Thornton Science Park, CH2 4NU
Cost:  Fully Funded

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The Basics
• Great Idea – what does it do?
• Placing innovation into the context of YOUR organisation: how is it defined and to what degree is it your differentiator?
• Business Value Proposition?
• Introduction and Use of Strategyzer ‘Business Canvas’ and ‘Value Proposition’ models along with breakout sessions to embed learning.
• Who is going to buy it? Mapping Features, Benefits, Value to Customer needs, wants, demands, alternatives. Innovation Gap
• Presentation and Practice in usage of Positioning and Positioning Statement to enhance the work on the Strategyzer models above and to anticipate a ‘pitch’ for the later segment on Selling.
• Supply Chain – How do you resource? Who will make it? Deliver it? Buy, build, partner
• Interactive discussion on key components and pitfalls – including background and sharing of my own experiences in procuring contract manufacturer services for new products.
• Market Research – Competition, trends, market sizing
• Overview of Qualitative and Quantitative routes.
• Sources and use of desktop data,
• How to acquire and develop qualitative intelligence as you go about your daily work across the organisation
• Techniques on competitive analysis (SWOT, PEST etc.)
• How to approximate market sizing simply
• Commercialisation strategy
• Product management, development of costing, Pricing for profit and as a positioning statement etc.

• Branding.
• What brands are for as differentiators? Interactive activity on successful examples.
• How a well-managed becomes a specific asset to your business.
• Why are we doing this?
• Defining Business purpose
• How are we doing this?
• Use of breakout session to demonstrate techniques for brand mapping and defining mission and brand purpose
• What are we making/selling?
• Discussion on examples of businesses mingling product and service into a cohesive offer
• What is the value chain?
• What is the business Ethos?
• The importance of alignment of culture and climate with externally articulated brand values and identity
• How do we leverage and differentiate?
• What makes us different!
• Reprise on the use of the Canvas and Value Proposition models above to define and distil a distinctive offer – and how it is articulated
• Synergising the component 5Ps of Marketing Strategy to demonstrate the intelligent use of ‘mix’ to create differentiation

Sales and Marketing – Go To Market Strategy
• Routes to market.
• Presentation of an alternative ‘classic’ marketing strategy framework (MacDonald& Wilson) which presents the classic 4Ps approach – plus that of ‘People’.
• How the ‘Place’ element within the 5P’s of Marketing Strategy is used to define the battleground: Sectors, Channels, Territories and market segments
• How to sell and to whom.
• Presentation of the AIDA model to demonstrate and build confidence that Sales is largely a process.
• Dealing with objections and working towards a ‘close’
• Clear message.
• Marketing tools – Websites, e-mail, social media etc.
• Overview of the promotional mix components
• Overview of both online and offline tools, stressing the need for alignment with needs of the defined market segment
• Building databases.
• How to create a simple Excel-based version – versus some examples of more sophisticated CRM solutions
• GDPR revisited – Basic overview of the Regulation, what is likely to be enforced, the cornerstones of ‘consent’ and ‘legitimate usage’, and good practice as recommended by ICO

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