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Grant Funding Sparks Future Growth

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For a PDF version of this case study please click here

TWINFIX came to the Growth Hub wanting assistance with improving and strengthening their efficiencies within the business as part of their “stretched growth plans” which has already seen them grow over recent years.

Having completed a full diagnostic review of the business with the Growth Hub consultant, it was identified that consolidation and redevelopment of TWINFIX’s internal CRM system was integral to the success of their growth ambitions.

They were awarded a 40% match funded grant to help improve and strengthen their efficiencies within the business CRM system to help improve their marketing, client contact and data analysis.

The Net result of this funded project is forecasted to include the creation of 5 new locally based jobs in the next 18 months and a positive impact on turnover.

Director, Sarah Kench Stated:

“We have found the grant application process with the Growth Hub to be really good, extremely supportive, and relatively straight forward and not too time consuming.”

 “What the grant application process enabled us to do really well, was to broaden our proposition and widen the spectrum of suppliers. We just didn’t know where to look and being able to advertise our project on the Growth Hub website enabled us to find a more suitable supplier than we had originally researched. We simply wouldn’t have found this supplier without the help of the Growth Hub.”

Sarah went on to say:

“The project has now started and the architectural planning is in place. We aim to have the project fully completed and integrated by October/November.”

For a PDF version of this case study please click here



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