Fuse – Fusing skills for business needs

South and West Cheshire College Delivery Partnership

What does it do?

Small and medium sized businesses (SMEs)  in Cheshire and Warrington have specific training needs that are not being met. That’s why we created Fuse. Fuse has taken time to understand the skills you need and designed powerful training to be delivered by trusted local providers. It’s also fully subsidised through  European Social Fund (ESF) project funding  if businesses  meet some basic criteria to be eligible.

Fuse will fund a Training Needs Analysis, Flexible Training Packages and we will evaluate the impact of the training up to 6 months after delivery. Our training offer includes – Industrial Software and Robotics for High Tech engineering and manufacturing businesses, Business Improvement Techniques, Cyber Security for businesses across all sectors, Digital Marketing and Sales Skills, Management and Team Leading. We will use digital technologies to deliver flexible and smart training solutions, including webinars and tools to learn online.

What will the benefits be for me?
Fuse is an innovative concept in training designed to meet the STEM and Digital skills needs of SME businesses. In response to these needs we've designed training to future proof business growth, because it’s much easier to grow when your people have the right skills. We will identify your training needs to deliver tailored skills solutions and provide you with support to measure the impact on business productivity. Fuse is here to provide that spark!
How much will it cost

Fuse is fully funded for SME businesses. ESF SME definition and De Minimis Aid rules apply

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