Current Tenders

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst the Cheshire and Warrington Growth Hub supports tender opportunities on behalf of its clients, all correspondence regarding any procurement opportunities listed below should be directed towards the contracting business named on the individual document.


Tender Name: Digital Marketing Strategy Consultancy, Website Enhancement & CRM Integration

Business Name: Kerikit Ltd

Reference Code: GH51100

Description of services required: 

With an established ‘British fashion brand’ following, strong UK and US B2C (and growing UK and US B2B) customer base, credibility in domestic and international sales, distribution and customer order fulfilment and significantly growing sales volumes; we now need to accelerate our B2B volumes via UK and US wholesalers, stockists and retail fashion chains to further enhance sales volumes, increase purchasing power and improve profit margins.  This requires that we:

1. Accelerate B2B Market Penetration – Whilst we have significant business-to-consumer fashion brand development experience, we now require input from a strategic B2B marketing consultant to assist with refinement of our current B2B digital sales / marketing strategy and, implementation plan.

The order volumes associated with B2B expansion will in-turn, place significant demands on our existing IT systems and processes – and will therefore require us to:

2. Enhancement of E-commerce and CRM IT Platform – To maintain the quality of our exceptional customer service – from which we see significant repeat purchase revenues – we now need to invest-in our website and CRM platform to more efficiently process higher volume orders – and better target B2B promotions.

In addition, the e-commerce platform needs to be capable of support US federal tax code for purchase transactions.

This migration / or functionality development will not only support our further expansion into the UK and US B2B sales channels but subsequently, also to support our expansion into the Chinese B2B marketplace.

Submission Deadline: 5pm on Tuesday 18th December 2018

This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund


Tender NameStrategic Marketing & Communications Consultancy

Business Name:  LiveWire CiC

Reference Code: GH51096

Description of services required: 

LiveWire has traditionally been a provider of outsourced HFW (Health, Fitness and Wellbeing) (on behalf of local authorities) to local residents. Whilst the majority of our existing revenue is derived from a mixture of local authority management fees and commercial revenue from our service users, we are looking to significantly enhance our private sector revenue mix given significant interest from private sector business customers who wish to implement, or enhance, their own employee of health, fitness and wellbeing (HFW) schemes

Our challenge is to integrate and reposition our technical platform, digital assets and commercial IP to quickly take advantage of both the new wave of outsourced public sector HFW contracts and, the adjacent private sector corporate opportunities.

We wish to proactively pursue the increasing number of private sector opportunities but first, need to:

  1. Better establish our online credibility as a provider of such services.
  2. Enhance member / user functionality.
  3. Integrate our membership CRM and website.

Our project requirements therefore consist of:

  • A comprehensive review of our current sales and marketing strategy.
  • Subsequent development of a revised marketing strategy and communications plan that better positions us within the corporate HFW marketplace.

Submission Deadline: 5pm on Friday 14th December 2018

This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund


Tender Name: Talent Acquisition and Retention Planning Consultancy

Business Name: Lignum Recruitment Ltd

Reference Code: GH51099

Description of services required:

We are a recruitment consultancy based in Warrington specialising in niche and technical sectors including Fenestration, Automation & Robotics, Construction, Life Sciences, Engineering & Manufacturing, Retail Support, Entrance Systems, Industrial Services, Installation, and Racking. We need to attract and recruit a number of new hires in 2018/19 to service new business opportunities, as well as improve our existing retention strategies.

Our project is to develop a talent acquisition and retention plan that includes improved attraction, interview, induction and development programmes to ensure we attract the right calibre of candidates and, more importantly, retain them once they’re in the business. We anticipate the main elements of the project will be:

  • Undertake strategic review of the business that includes a review and evaluation of existing talent acquisition and retention practices as well as benchmarking against industry best practice
  • Formulation of a talent and acquisition and retention plan that outlines key objectives, how these objectives will be achieved and by when including key personnel involved in delivery.
  • Work with the senior team to gather the key information and messages that they would like to put into a new induction programme
  • Design of an induction course that will run over the first two weeks of the new recruit starting. This will include:
    • Creation a Manager’s new starter check list
    • Development of an induction presentation
    • Creation of a skills scanning process for all new recruits to enable us to design relevant learning interventions.
    • Development of workshops in recruitment best practice and personal coaching planning framework that can be adapted around each new recruit in terms of their role, responsibilities etc in the business. This will also be rolled out to existing staff.
  • Undertake a Training Need Analysis and Skills Scan of the existing teams to make sure that personal coaching plans are designed to create optimum results for the team.
  • Creation of coaching/training library for recruitment teams to easily access and to ensure that the new starter experience is consistent and effective.

Submission Deadline: 5pm on Wednesday 12th December 2018

This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund