Current Tenders

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst the Cheshire and Warrington Growth Hub supports tender opportunities on behalf of its clients, all correspondence regarding any procurement opportunities listed below should be directed towards the contracting business named on the individual document.


Tender Name:Strategic Planning Consultancy

Business Name: Kennelbuild Limited

Ref: GH51088

Description of services required:

Our recent growth has brought challenges to the business including converting increased sales into profitable growth and cash flow management, which remains a key management focus given the high volume of pipeline orders we currently have.

As our reputation has grown nationally, we have experienced difficulty achieving its costed margins on projects in remote parts of the UK. Travel and labour costs frequently escalate and eat into profit. We have also identified an opportunity to supply some UK and export customers with a “supply only” offering. Moreover, our website content does not currently match the way the product and service offering has evolved and this can cause confusion with existing and new customers
We require the support of an external business consultant/coach to deliver a project comprising of 5 focus areas:

  1.  Product/Service offer – Develop a new supply only product offer to sit alongside the existing “Design, Build and install” and “Design and install” services. Clarify the geographical and sector criteria that determine which product/service package can be offered to which client.
  2.  Terms of business – Clarify Kennel Build’s Terms and Conditions for each Product/Service offer – translate into clear T&C’s that protect the business from unplanned costs and disruption.
  3. Marketing – Develop a marketing strategy and digital marketing process to communicate KB’s new value proposition. This will include a full website update and implementation of a new content marketing platform including newer and social media.
  4. Sales Process – A complete overhauls of the Company’s sales process, documented to ensure consistency and facilitate the on boarding of additional sales resource. Train existing personnel.
  5. Operations – Overhaul, redefine and document the key operations processes that impact on customer satisfaction, including Account management, installation, after sales support

Closing Date: 5pm on Friday 24th August 2018

This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund


Tender Name: ERP System Purchase and Integration

Business Name: Cheshire Seals and Components Limited

Ref: GH51087

Description of services required:

We are a manufacturer of seals made in a variety of plastics and rubbers by machining of billets or blocks of raw materials. We are also a manufacturer of machined components in a large variety of metals and alloys. We have a broad experience of materials and can contribute to the customer development as a problem solver and innovator.

Our project is the purchase, installation and integration of new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. At present we run accounts on a Quickbooks system that is now unsupported and it cannot handle stock and various other elements of production control. In addition we are expecting to be required to report VAT to HMRC on a monthly basis from April 2019 and the new ERP system will facilitate the process.

The key elements that we need to have in the system are as follows:
• Three users.
• Financials and VAT.
• Sales records integrated from costing to quotation to sales order acknowledgement to invoicing and debtor control.
• Purchasing.
• Multi-currency.
• Accounts.
• Stock.
• Manufacturing Works Orders.
• Bills of Materials/Assembly.
• Sales opportunities.
• Production planning.
• Technical implementation and integration support from the software supplier.

Closing Date: 5pm on the 13th August 2018

This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund