10,000 Small Businesses UK Programme

Goldman Sachs Programme

What does it do?

The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses UK programme is designed to provide high-quality, practical education and business support to leaders of high-growth small businesses and social enterprises across the country.

What will the benefits be for me?
The success of the program is contributed to the right balance of formal learning, mentoring, and peer-to-peer support. Participants of the programme will benefit from:

Specialist workshops
One-on-one business advising
Business coaching
Access to professional experts
Networking opportunities and
A network of 10,000 Small Business graduates
How do I access the service?

You can access the application form on the website here. Application dates vary.

How much will it cost

The 10,000 Small Businesses Programme is a free to apply for scheme. It is fully funded by Goldman Sachs until 2020.