C4C Enterprise Fund

Congleton for Congleton - C4C

What does it do?

About to start or expand a business in Congleton but just need that little bit of help to get that piece of equipment or service to make it happen? Then think about applying for a C4C Business grant which can provide a matched fund, up to £2,000, to help make things happen. C4C are looking to help businesses that with a little assistance can create jobs and/or provide services for the people of Congleton.

What will the benefits be for me?
Your business will get some financial help to get going or to grow.
How do I access the service?

Apply via our web site: www.c4cfund.com/apply-for-grant

How much will it cost

Our processes are free.

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Congleton for Congleton - C4C
Tel: 07860 907484