Companies House

Companies House

What does it do?

Companies House incorporates and dissolves limited companies, registers the information companies are legally required to supply, and makes that information available to the public.

What will the benefits be for me?
The services we offer include:

Find company information free of charge and file documents online using the Companies House beta service.
File company information online using WebFiling.
Find company information online using WebCHeck.
Online subscription service Companies House Direct.
Find company information on our mobile app.
Download company data with our data products.
Search disqualified directors using WebCHeck.
How do I access the service?

To find more information about Companies House you can access the website here: Alternatively you can follow us on Twitter.

How much will it cost

Access to all information is free and available to the public.

Contact Details
Companies House
Tel: 0303 1234 500
Twitter: @CompaniesHouse