Countryside Stewardship

Natural England

What does it do?

Countryside Stewardship (CS) provides financial incentives for land managers to look after their environment through activities such as:

  • conserving and restoring wildlife habitats
  • flood risk management
  • woodland creation and management
  • reducing widespread water pollution from agriculture
  • keeping the character of the countryside
  • preserving features important to the history of the rural landscape
  • encouraging educational access
What will the benefits be for me?
See the scheme overview infographic to understand what is included within each element of Countryside Stewardship. Use the timetable to find out when Countryside Stewardship is open for applications in 2016.
How do I access the service?

All applicants must register themselves on Rural Payments ( before applying for Countryside Stewardship. They will receive a customer registration number (CRN) once registered.

How much will it cost

This is a free to apply for scheme.

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