Cyber Essentials Scheme

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What does it do?

The Cyber Essentials Scheme has been developed by Government and industry to fulfil two functions. It provides a clear statement of the basic controls all organisations should implement to mitigate the risk from common internet based threats and through the Assurance Framework it offers a mechanism for organisations to demonstrate to customers, investors, insurers and others that they have taken these essential precautions.

What will the benefits be for me?
The Cyber Essentials scheme provides organisations with clarity on what essential security controls they need to have in place to reduce the risk posed by threats on the Internet with low levels of technical capability. Organisations that are good at cyber security can make this a selling point – demonstrating to their customers through the Cyber Essentials badge that they take cyber security seriously.
How do I access the service?

The scheme is open now and is available to all organisations. Those interested in assessment should in the first instance contact one of the Accreditation Bodies to identify a suitable Certification Body. Please see website for more details

How much will it cost

Our intention is that the scheme will be affordable to the greatest possible number of organisations. Costs will be set by the individual Certification Bodies who will work in competition with each other, allowing market forces to set rates.

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