Grants for the Arts

Arts Council England

What does it do?

Grants for the arts is an open-application funding programme, which funds arts activities that engage people in England, or that help artists and arts organisations carry out their work. It is used to:

  • help more people to take part in the arts
  • provide creative opportunities for children and young people
  • help the development of artists, arts organisations and the creative economy
  • involve the arts and artists in creating vibrant communities
  • allow artists from this country to work internationally, international artists to work in England, and artists from here and abroad to work with each other
What will the benefits be for me?
You will be able to access grants of between £1,000 to £100,000.
How do I access the service?

You can access guidance documents on the website, as well as the online application form. This can be found here:

How much will it cost

The Grants for the Arts is a free to apply for scheme.

Contact Details
Arts Council England
Tel: 0845 300 6200
Twitter: @ace_national