HMRC Growth Support Service

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What does it do?

HMRC has launched a free service to provide tax advice and support to medium-sized firms that are experiencing certain types of growth. Medium-sized firms are defined as having either more than 20 employees or a turnover of more than £10 million. The Growth Support Service will provide advice about tax issues, reliefs and incentives.

The Growth Support Service helps mid-sized businesses that are experiencing certain types of growth to understand tax issues they may face and incentives or reliefs they may be able to claim.

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What will the benefits be for me?
The Growth Support Service will appoint a dedicated tax specialist to work with you (or your agent) and help you:

- understand any new tax issues and reporting requirements
- get your tax right before you file your return
- consider reporting and governance risks caused by the growth of your business
- access any financial incentives and reliefs you may be eligible for
- access other HMRC specialists, services and guidance that are relevant to you
How do I access the service?

Apply to the Growth Support Service online by clicking here

How much will it cost

Free. However, in order to be eligible for the service, firms must meet one or more of HMRC’s 11 growth criteria, for example a significant increase in turnover, exporting goods or services for the first time or a major introduction of new capital.

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