Innovation Grants

Innovate UK

What does it do?

You can apply for funding to test the feasibility of your idea, research and develop it and demonstrate it in a prototype.

Innovate UK funding competitions cover the following industry sectors:

  • emerging and enabling technologies
  • infrastructure systems
  • health and life sciences
  • manufacturing and materials

We also have an open programme that is not sector based. Browse, register and apply for our current competitions.

What will the benefits be for me?
Innovate UK runs funding competitions which can help you develop your idea and make it successful. These competitions are open for projects led by any UK based companies. Innovate UK awards funding to the winners of these competitions.
How do I access the service?

Watch the video on this link,  to find out about our application process.

How much will it cost

It is free to apply for the Innovation Grants.

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