UK Crowdfunding Association

UK Crowdfunding Association

What does it do?

The UK Crowdfunding Association consists of:

Members operating crowdfunding platforms, adhering to the UK Crowdfunding Association Code of Practice.

Supporters who can be individuals, businesses, organisations or institutions which have an interest or are involved in crowdfunding. Crowdfunding platforms which are not yet operational or registered in the UK but intend to be so in the very near future are also welcome to apply as Supporters.

What will the benefits be for me?
It is an attractive route in economically difficult times when banks aren’t lending freely. But it isn’t all about the money – crowdfunding is also about building and benefiting community.
How do I access the service?

The UK Crowdfunding  Association is open to new members and supporters who are willing to sign up to our code of practice.

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UK Crowdfunding Association