Apprenticeship Support

The LEP’s  Skills and Education Plan has an ambition to stimulate employer demand for Apprenticeships in Cheshire across a range of sectors, in particular those priority sectors which are seen as having a vital role in the future growth of Cheshire and Warrington’s economy.

Employer Guide to Apprenticeships

Education and Skills Funding Agency

From January 2020, the ESFA is expanding access to the apprenticeship service to employers who are not one of the existing 22,000 levy-payers using the service already. Access the service here

As we enable smaller employers to use the apprenticeship service, we are introducing the ability for them to reserve funds for training. We have published an updated versions of the Funding Rules and new Reservations Policy Statement . This will allow us to forecast, monitor and manage apprenticeships funding within the overall budget for apprenticeships. To manage a gradual transition from contracted training provision to employers arranging their own apprenticeships through the apprenticeship service, employers will initially be able to reserve funding for up to three apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship Intermediary Service

The Apprenticeship Intermediary Service have created a guide on how they support smaller employers who do not pay the apprenticeship levy.

Supporting smaller employers who do not pay the apprenticeship levy