EU Exit: People

Employing people from the EU from 1 January 2021

The way you hire from the EU has changed.  Freedom of movement between the EU and UK has ended and the UK has introduced a new points-based immigration system.

  • If you want to hire anyone from outside the UK’s resident labour market, you must be a Home Office licenced sponsor. This includes recruiting people from the EU.
  • Anyone coming to the UK to work will need a job offer from a licenced sponsor in advance and will need to meet certain skills and salary criteria.The new system treats EU and non-EU citizens equally and transforms the way in which employers recruit from outside the UK.
  • The new points-based immigration system has salary and language requirements that change the way you hire from the EU.
  • You need a sponsor licence to hire most eligible employees from outside the UK. This does not apply to Irish citizens.
  • The new system doesn’t apply when hiring Irish citizens, or EU citizens eligible to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.
  • Some immigration routes, such as Global Talent, are ‘unsponsored’. You don’t need a licence to hire employees with an unsponsored visa.

Find out more at GOV.UK/hiringfromtheEU

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