Women in Innovation: Let’s talk about….Taking it to the next level

Everyone’s entrepreneurial journey is unique and sometimes feels like a lonely experience. The Women in Innovation programme is committed to empowering more women to achieve their potential and to inspire entrepreneurial growth by connecting with like-minded people.

The “Let’s Talk About…” webinar series is designed to start conversations, share stories and provide inspirational advice from women and male allies at the heart of the discussion.

Throughout the series, we will share the stories of women from a range of industries, backgrounds and walks of life. We will highlight female role models and inspirational individuals, all to showcase how they took a leap of faith to pursue their business or personal dreams.

Chaired by a guest host, and featuring a panel of incredible speakers, join the conversation, ask the questions you most want to know, share tips and advice, and most importantly, get motivated and uncover your true potential.

Taking it to the next level

A start-up mentality gets your business off the blocks and kicks it into touch. Without it you wouldn’t have taken the leap in the first place. But the time comes to leave that way of thinking behind, to let go of aspects of running your business, trust others to lead with you and plan the leaps forward that will take your business to the next level.