Set up and sell successfully on marketplaces – an introduction for B2C and B2B

Online marketplaces offer great opportunities for brands and manufacturers to grow their global revenue. However, where exactly are these opportunities for you, what are the challenges, real and perceived, and how could you overcome these?

This webinar is designed for companies that are considering launching on marketplaces, or have just started on this journey. In addressing some key questions this webinar will allow you to make better informed decisions on strategy and day-to-day operations, including where to go for help.

Topics covered include:

1. Are marketplaces suitable for you and if so which one to choose
2. What capabilities do you need, with some examples
3. Putting together your own strategy
4. What about channel conflict, ‘race to the bottom’ etc
5. A few words on B2B marketplaces

The webinar is a second in a series designed by Gardenex to provide valuable insights and practical support for members in expanding their international sales online in a profitable manner.

There will also be an opportunity for registrants to participate in a Q&A session with the panellists.

The presenters on the day will be:

Frank Vandenberg is the CEO of InfinityBlue Marketplaces, a company that takes a highly practical and profit focussed approach to supporting brands and manufacturers setting up and optimising their performance on Amazon, T-mall and 10 other platforms.

Charlie Parker, Commercial Manager, Federation of Garden and Leisure Manufacturers Ltd

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