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Manchester BIOGEL: Accelerate Training Case Study

Case Studies

Manchester BIOGEL is a leader in the design and manufacture of synthetic self-assembling peptide hydrogels. Their products are supplied ready to use and specifically designed for use in 2D and 3D cell culture, bioprinting, tissue regeneration and drug discovery. Their team recently accessed funded IOSH and ISO bespoke training through the Accelerate programme.

Accelerate is an ESF funded programme delivered by the University of Chester and the Cheshire and Warrington Growth Hub which is part of the Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership. The programme provides people who live and/or work in Cheshire and Warrington the opportunity to receive funding towards the cost of skills training. Manchester BIOGEL contacted Mark Shepherd, one of the skills brokers for Accelerate, who helped them complete a training needs analysis on the type of training that would help their business to become more resilient but also enhance their employees’ personal skills.

After attending their funded training, Manchester BIOGEL were able to:

  • Apply the fundamentals of the IOSH training to their own companies’ management system
  • Upskill and reskill five members of their team
  • Improve personal assurance and increase confidence between colleagues

Ash Cramer-Smith, Laboratory Manager at Manchester BIOGEL (MB) said:

“Accelerate has had a great impact on Manchester BIOGEL, bringing the team up to scratch in numerous fields with a wide range of training.

As an SME pushing for CE Certification, it has been very beneficial for us to have bespoke ISO and IOSH Health and Safety training tailored to our company.

We are now able to translate this course and apply the fundamentals to our own company’s quality management system, leading to a greater chance of achieving CE certification.

The overall programme was fluid with everything being sorted for us, all we had to do was confirm our availability. A big thank you to Mark and the team for organising!”

Mark Shepherd, Skills Broker for Accelerate said:

“It was a pleasure to help Ash and the team identify which training courses would upskill the team and in turn enable the business to grow.

Skills development is vital for any business to remain resilient and competitive. We now have over 100 high quality training courses available which employees who live and/or work in Cheshire and Warrington can access 40% funding towards.”

If you would like to find out more about the funded training available through Accelerate, please visit or email

If you would like to find out more about Manchester BIOGEL, please visit

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