Sales Masterclass

Course Overview:

Thompson Training Ltd Sales Masterclass will help you realise your full sales potential. Learners will be be taken step by step through the programme and discover exactly who their perfect client is. Most people don’t bother taking the time to figure this out and it’s one of the key steps to closing more sales than ever before. When you know exactly who they are – and it may shock you to find out – you’ll see how easy it becomes to get them to convert more calls into sales.

Participants will then be taught how to create a success plan. This is what you want, why you want it, and how to ensure you’ll get it. I’ll teach you my secret weapon – how to overcome every objection, get past the gatekeepers and straight to the sale. Through private access to the online training library with downloadable resources, Thompson Training will also hold weekly coaching calls as a group where you can ask me questions as well as learn and be motivated by the successes of the other members.

Above all, learners will discover accountability. Sometimes we need more than hand holding. No more being terrified of picking up the phone. No more coming off another sales call feeling like you can’t “do” sales. No more excuses.

Sales Masterclass Learning Outcomes

  • Deliver impactful client engagement to increase your client success rate and demonstrate powerful questioning techniques to uncover further client needs.
  • Create a winning lead generation campaign and create a social media strategy to implement the campaigns.
  • Understand a sales process through from lead generation to implementing a winning meeting structure and closing a sale.
  • Create your own effective, compelling and natural Call Approach & Sales Strategy using a “go to” well constructed guideline structure for optimised outbound sales calls (and inbound sales enquiry and lead handling).
  • Learn the Objection Handling & Call-Back Strategies that are proven to significantly raise results for sales teams of one, through to one hundred.
  • Increase conversion rates from all lead sources with expert, proven, tailored closing techniques to master your ability to close business and convert maximum enquiries into sales.
  • Implement and perfect a sales planning approach to increase average
    order values.

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Course dates available:

22nd Feb – zoom calls every Monday for 4 weeks ( 4 hours)

12th April – zoom calls every Monday for 4 weeks ( 4 hours)

10th May – zoom calls every Monday for 4 weeks ( 4 hours)

26th July – zoom calls every Monday for 4 weeks ( 4 hours)

13th September – zoom calls every Monday for 4 weeks ( 4 hours)

8th November – zoom calls every Monday for 4 weeks ( 4 hours)


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