AIMS Time Traders

Aims Management

What does it do?

Grow Your Business For Free
Promoting Zero Cost Business Growth For Small Businesses
Cash is scarce for a lot of small businesses.
Do you need a lawyer, an accountant, a website expert or a business coach?
Can’t get the chequebook out? Does that sound familiar?
AIMS Time Traders has a proposition for you…… Come and meet like-minded individuals and exchange business services, skills, knowledge and experience.

What will the benefits be for me?
"Why Trade Time? Grow Your Business For Free
Meet people that can help you
Meet people you can help
Make new contacts
Generate new referrals
Be seen as an expert
Collect customers
Collect testimonials
How do I access the service?

7.00am to 9.30am – Every 3rd Tuesday of the month

The Waterside (Pub/Restaurant)
1430 Centre Park
Park Boulevard
Warrington, Cheshire

How much will it cost


£10.00 per person (including FREE breakfast)
Book online at

Contact Details
Treflyn Jones
Aims Management